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What Makes an Excellent First Vehicle? - Kurt Johnson Auto

Your teen has just completed driver training and you’re thinking about getting them a car. What is the best vehicle for an inexperienced driver? It often comes down to safety.

While teens may want something with more pep and excitement, their first car should be something with a solid build and plenty of safety features. An SUV or even a pickup truck will have the tough construction to survive a fender-bender and most usually possess features like electronic stability control, which will keep your teen safe on slippery roads or sharp turns. Larger vehicles also have a more measured acceleration that dissuades new drivers from accidentally exceeding the speed limit.

At Kurt Johnson Auto Sales & Service, we’re ready to help you during this exciting time in your teen’s life, from picking out the perfect first car to arranging for you to take a test drive. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about the vehicle’s safety features.

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