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Here is Some Basic Information About Brake Fluid - Kurt Johnson Auto

Whenever you step behind the wheel, you expect your brakes to be fully functioning. There is a certain assumption that you make, and part of that involves having enough brake fluid. You might not realize just how important this is. You could have a new set of brakes, only for them to be inoperable because your brake fluid has drained out.

If brake fluid goes dry, your brakes will immediately stop working. There is no grace period. You will need to make sure that you have enough fluid each time to decide to drive a car or truck. This is what you need to stop when needed.

You will not want to depend on your emergency brake until you can get to a mechanic. This brake is designed for slow speeds and when you have plenty of notice before needing to stop. If you need any help with your vehicle, just stop by Kurt Johnson Auto Sales.

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