Rotating tires may seem like an unusual routine maintenance step. Why move the front tires to the back and the back to the front? And is there a need for switching tires from side-to-side? If you wish to preserve safety while driving along with the life of the tires, performing tire rotations makes excellent sense.

Tires experience wear. Wear occurs differently in front and back tires. Rotating the tires evens out the wear, which cuts down on the chance of a blowout or another problem. The tires’ traction will remain even thanks to a rotation.

Rotating tires every 5,000 miles is the commonly recommended interval. By this point, the tires may be at risk for wear without a rotation. Changing the tire positioning isn’t the only benefit to the 5,000-mile service. The technician can review the tires for any damage.

Feel confident when you drive around in DuBois. Call the service department at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales and request a tire rotation.