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What is Car Wax? - Kurt Johnson Auto

Kurt Johnson Auto Sales of DuBois, PA wants to make sure that you are as informed as possible about how to care for your car and extend its useful life. That is why we felt it necessary to give you a quick overview of car waxing.

The main purpose of this wax that you are putting onto the exterior of your vehicle is to protect the clear coat of paint against a variety of contaminants that could begin to eat away at it. This wax does a great job of repelling water when it rains and keeping dust, dirt and other materials from sticking to the outside of your car or truck.

Many experts suggest that you should wax your car at least three times per year to see noticeable benefits. This number can, of course, be higher if you live in an area where your car will frequently be exposed to higher levels of dust or rain.

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