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It looks like spring is finally here. Punxsutawney, PA residents are surely noticing that the days are getting longer and there is more sunlight to get things done outside in the evening. Some of you have even brought out the lighter spring jackets and clothing. There are signs all around us that the winter is over and with those signs comes another thought: it’s time for my routine spring maintenance. Kurt Johnson Auto Sales & Service, located at 27 N Franklin St in DuBois, PA, is a great place to get all your spring season service done.

Keep Your Vehicle Running in Great Shape

As we tell all our Clearfield, PA customers, routine maintenance is the best way to help ensure that your vehicle avoids major mechanical failures. Our service team is here to help make sure that your vehicle is on the road for as long as you’d like. The spring time is a great time to get some of this work done. Some services that you might consider having done include:

  • Tire Changeovers and Rotations: If you haven’t changed your tires over yet, now is probably a good time. You want to make sure that you have the right tires for the right type of conditions. Also, you want to make sure you rotate your tires to make sure they last longer and wear more evenly.
  • Brake Service: If you’re vehicle can’t stop, it doesn’t do you a lot of good. Regular brake service will make sure that you do stop when you must. Some signs that your brakes are wearing include a squealing or grinding noise when you depress the brake pedal, or it vibrates when you step on it.
  • Fluids: This is a great time for St. Mary’s PA customers to come into our dealership and have all their vehicle’s fluids assessed, from oil to transmission, to ensure that they are not in need of changing. Problems like dark and cloudy transmission fluid or low power steering fluid that are ignored could lead to expensive repairs or a vehicle that isn’t safe to operate.

You can find more tips by looking at our service tips .

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