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How Can You Get Rid of Pet Hairs? - Kurt Johnson Auto

Is there any functional value to the static electricity created on a birthday balloon? When you rub the balloon around inside your car, you’ll see it picks up pet hair. As odd as the process sounds, at least it helps get annoying dog and cat hair out of the vehicle’s interior. Of course, you can try other methods if you wish.

Spraying water inside the car won’t clean away pet hair. However, if you run your rubber glove-covered hands over things, the pet hair may come off the upholstery. The process might be cumbersome but, if it works, then trying it wouldn’t be time or effort wasted.

Vacuuming works well with the right attachment. Is there a bristle brush at the end of the vacuum hose? The brush might pick up all the unwanted hair stuck to the seats.

At Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, we want you to know important steps for keeping your car clean. If you have maintenance concerns, contact our service department in DuBois, PA.

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