Our vehicles are often one of our most prized possessions and something we don’t want stolen from us. Every year hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen from owners who thought this would never happen to them. They followed all the rules like keeping the doors and windows locked, parking in brightly-lit areas and not leaving valuables where they can be easily seen. At Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, we want to give you some additional tips on devices that can offer extra security.

  •  Vehicle recovery systems use electronic transmission technology to inform law enforcement of the whereabouts of a stolen vehicle.
  •  Immobilizing devices won’t allow auto thieves from hot-wiring a vehicle and even disable the flow of gas or electricity to the engine.
  •  Visible and audible devices create a visual or audible warning such as alarms, horns or flashing lights.

Give us a call or stop at our dealership in DuBois. We can offer additional safety tips and even set you up for a test drive in one of our vehicles.