The KJ Way Brings Great Pre-Owned Benefits to DuBois Customers

When you decide to purchase a pre-owned car, truck or SUV, you’re already expecting the benefit of spending less than you would if that same model was fresh off the assembly line. Spending less and remaining under your maximum spending cap is arguably the most significant perk from buying a used vehicle. However, when you make this purchase at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, you’ll entertain a handful of extra benefits from The KJ Way – an exclusive program offered only in DuBois, PA.

Despite its pre-owned condition, a used vehicle still deserves the top-notch maintenance and protection that all brand-new models receive. As a supplier of strictly used inventory, Kurt Johnson Auto Sales instigated The KJ Way to show drivers that they should expect more from a pre-owned purchase than straightforward savings on the purchase itself. They should anticipate having peace of mind during the unexpected and be able to relish in the opportunity of complimentary vehicle maintenance. Do we have you hooked yet? Keep reading about The KJ Way promise to learn the details of this exclusive pre-owned program.

All that is needed to begin reaping rewards of The KJ Way is buying a model listed in the pre-owned inventory at your neighborhood DuBois dealer. We have an assortment of years, makes, models, body styles, mileages, and prices that you can skim through to find the Chevrolet, Ford, Jeep, or Toyota vehicle that blends in with the driving you regularly do. Getting the keys to any of these pre-owned models, like the popular Chevy Silverado 1500, Ford Escape or Jeep Grand Cherokee, will be in your ticket to appreciating the excellent benefits bundle under The KJ Way.

Most benefits filed under The KJ Way relate to vehicle maintenance and keeping you safe during unexpected incidents we’ve all experienced when traveling. To start, whatever powertrain rests under the hood of your pre-owned body style will have a three-year engine warranty on it so that if anything happens, we’ll cover the repair or replacement. Two other benefits that last the first three years following your purchase are complimentary towing if your car requires assistance within 15 miles of us and we won’t charge you to give your used vehicle a once over before your next vacation.

After you purchase a vehicle, the first routine maintenance procedure you’ll need is an oil change. The KJ Way will give you three complimentary oil and filter changes – plus three tire rotations – after you drive away with a pre-owned model from our Kurt Johnson Auto Sales inventory. Since these are two of the most common maintenance tasks that every vehicle requires, we want to start you and your pre-owned vehicle off to a strong start when it comes to maintaining the condition of the tires and engine. You can book any service appointments at any time from our online scheduler.

Now that you know all the positives that lie ahead if you purchase your next used car, truck, or SUV from Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, why would you wait another minute before exploring what’s available in our robust used inventory in DuBois, PA? Pick out a used Kia, Subaru, Hyundai, Chevy, or Mazda model and call to confirm a time to drop by our Franklin Street location for a test drive. Once you lock in and finalize the paperwork on a used hatchback or truck, you can start redeeming the perks that come with The KJ Way – only at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales. Many Pennsylvania drivers are already taking advantage of the program, so join in on the savings today. Contact us!