We make it our mission at Kurt Johnson Auto Sales to provide vehicles with top-notch service. We serve drivers all throughout the DuBois PA area and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction with our knowledgeable technicians, reasonable prices, and reliable work. Why is it so important to get routine maintenance? There are various reasons per the different services, but overall, it helps to keep your car running like-new and keeps you in a vehicle that’s dependable. Let’s take a look at some essential services.

Some of the general services that get recommended at regular intervals are oil changes, tire rotations, brake adjustments, engine checks, as well as others. Because the parts of your car all play vital roles in its performance, by skipping out on that routine service can lead to repairs in the future. For instance, because your vehicle’s engine is constantly working hard and the parts are moving quickly, engine oil helps to lubricate these parts so that they can move smoothly. Oil also helps to remove debris from the engine. If you don’t get an oil change, over time, this can lead to a buildup of the debris, and damage can get caused to your engine. The parts may also cause friction in the engine because the lubrication dissipates. Another example would be tire rotations. To help ensure that the tread on the tires wear evenly, rotating them is important. What does tread do? Tread helps to provide traction as well as bring your vehicle to a stop; which can be vital to your safety.

Is it time for your car’s routine maintenance? Schedule a service appointment with us online today. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide it with the care it needs.